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ACR Stoves

In 2022 a new European wide programme to lower emissions and in turn improve air quality comes into force. It will be known as EcoDesign. The manufacturers within the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) have chosen to design models which already meet the EcoDesign criteria now, to prove their commitment to lowering emissions and improving efficiencies. These stoves carry the SIA EcoDesign Ready label and have been independently tested and verified by HETAS. SIA EcoDesign Ready stoves are the most environmentally friendly stoves and offer lower particle emissions up to 90% better than those found in open fires, low CO emissions and higher efficiencies.

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Ashdale ACR Stove
The Ashdale's 7Kw output makes it suitable for medium to large sized rooms. Traditional in style yet equipped with the latest stove technology, The Ashdale is highly controllable allowing you to get the most efficient burn rate from your fuel. A powerful airwash ensures a clear view of the flames during operation.

SIA Ecodesign Ready Stove 2022

Birchdale ACR Stove
The Birchdale brings a distinct sense of contemporary yet retro style to our cast iron stove range.

Available in matt black paint finish or the stunning Arctic White gloss enamel finish, the multifuel Birchdale provides a 5Kw output and offers a great view of the flames through the large glass door which is kept clean by the powerful airwash facility.

SIA Ecodesign Ready Stove

Earlswood ACR Stove
Using over 25 years of stove knowledge, ACR have created the Earlswood specifically for use within the UK market place. ACR have listened to our customers and responded to their needs and created the Earlswood design.
Earlswood LS ACR Stove
The Earlswood LS has all the benefits of the standard Earlswood model but with the addition of a convenient integral log storage area under the stove.
Elmdale ACR Stove
The Elmdale is the contemporary solution for traditional large inglenook fireplaces. Offering an expansive view of the fire through the impressive, airwash equipped, angled glass door. Designed for woodburning only, this Smoke Exempt stove allows you to burn wood even in smoke controlled areas.

SIA Ecodesign Ready Stove
Larchdale ACR Stove
The Larchdale is a dedicated woodburner and the largest stove in our cast iron range. With an impressive 9Kw output and the ability to take 50cm long logs this is the choice of stove for a larger room. Smoke Exemption means that the Larchdale can be used in smoke controlled zones, allowing you to enjoy a crackling real fire in the town or country.

SIA Ecodesign Ready Stove
Malvern ACR Stove
The Malvern has a 5Kw output and is equpped with a powerful airwash to help keep the large glass door clean to offer superb views of the flames. Being DEFRA approved, you can be confident about burning logs in a smoke controlled area. The Malvern is a multifuel stove enabling you to burn logs and smokeless fuels.
Malvern Classic ACR Stove
With all the advanced features, build quality and style of the original Malvern stove, the Malvern Classic introduces a touch of Regency charm with its elegant lines.

Being smoke exempt means that the Malvern Classic can be used to burn wood in smoke controlled areas so you can enjoy the pleasures of a real fire whether in the town or the country.

Malvern LS ACR Stove
The Malvern LS has all the features of the standard Malvern model but with the addition of a convenient integral log storage area under the stove.