Serena – Newmans Fireplaces

This wonderful fireplace is unique being designed by our dedicated design team. This design oozes style, image and quality. Incorporating a large sweeping arch with a fine sweeping profile that creates a fireplace of depth and style. Incorporating a fully carved matching curb edge to hearth and fully lined stone chamber. The hearth is available with a choice of hearth inlays including matching Medistone, Venetian sandstone or honed or polished black granite.


Luxury Limestone Collection

Portuguese limestone is a beautiful natural material offering a fireplace that is unique each having its own natural variation in shading and markings. All of the stone collection is manufactured from natural Portuguese limestone and as such, natural variation will occur. This will include shading, veining, fossils and crystal markings. This is the beauty of a natural stone. All the fireplaces are hand made and hence all measurments are approximate and may vary slightly.