Sophia Marble Surround – Elgin and Hall

Give your room the ripple effect in the shape of this Elgin & Hall original.
We defy you not to fall for the wave at the centre of the arch.
We defy anyone to emulate that soft gentle edge that frames the fire.
As well as inducing utter relaxation, curvy Sophia is bound to stimulate admiration.

Finish: White Micro Marble
Fire:Radion gas fire with Devotion
Black / Nickel trim
Other Finishes Available:
Manila, Italica & Pearl Stone micro marble



Imagine brushing your hand across the surround and suddenly your fireplace and hearth is bathed in light.

Every natural detail of the marble is brought to life and your whole room gains soft background illumination. You’ve just triggered the sensor that turns on the Smartsense lighting concealed in the top recess.

Elgin and Hall Marble Fireplaces

Renowned for both the design and quality of its fire surrounds, Elgin & Hall is a leading manufacturer of fireplaces with an enviable reputation for creating the best in the industry.

With a heritage of over 45 years, Elgin & Hall has an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability. Originally based in Wensleydale in North Yorkshire fireplaces were individually created by craftsmen and artists using time honored skills and specialist materials.