Electriflame DLX 1800 Real Wood

Electriflame DLX is an exciting new generation of electric fires featuring patented technologies that bring new dimensions to the electric fire market. DLX fires merges fuel bed with flames together in a living fire effect that blurs the line between reality and illusion. Experience a vision of sharp natural flames rising out of hot molten coal embers, the effect is astonishing and is at the forefront of our premium electric fires.

Our fires are built with high quality low energy consumption LEDs that provide incredible flame brightness and colour saturation, whilst maintaining sensible and economical energy use. The flame picture can be used in isolation to the heat, and is a popular choice when no heat is required during the summer months, offering exceptionally low running costs.

The heater is thermostatically controlled with settings options. The fire is simple to use and can be operated manually, by remote control, or via WiFi using our dedicated Celsi app. Instant heat can be applied to a room at anytime with full thermostatic control.



REAL WOOD The R&D team at CELSI have taken our electric fires to the next level by combining our sensational fire effects with genuine hard wood logs. As in nature each split log has its own unique character with random signs of textured bark, wood knotting and grain. Additional flame charring is selectively applied to the logs to create natural burning aesthetics.

CELSI SMART E-DXL fires provide a warm and functional experience with a vision of natural living fire.

COLOUR Enjoy 16 pre-set ambient colour modes, and over 100+ multi colour combinations to customise the light ambience on flames, logs, and embers. Default to our superior true fire colour mode, or choose to gently cycle through the colour spectrum in our fully immersive Animation mode.

CONNECTIVITY Get connected with our feature-rich and simple to operate smart app. Available to download on the App Store, or get in on Google Play!

CONTROL Control your fire from your smart phone or tablet with full handset functionality. Further applied smart technology allows you to voice activate your fire using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

CONFIGURATION Built-in 3-sided glass models offer the perfect solution for your feature wall and come supplied with side blanking panels giving you the option to customise your installation by converting from a 3-sided fire, to a 2-sided left or right configuration, or to simply install as a single glass fronted wall inset fire.

  • Multi Flame Projection Technology ®
  • Living Ember Bed Technology ®
  • Real Wood Logs
  • Bark chippings & charcoal embers
  • 16 pre-set colours/100+ custom/Animation mode
  • LED brightness control
  • Thermostatic remote & manual control operation
  • CELSI App controllable. iOS & Android
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Side blanking installation options available